About From the Box Seats

Welcome, dear reader, to From the Box Seats, a new and better kind of sports coverage.

Some sports news outlets take immense (and undue) pride in their insider access. They give their programs and blogs and sites names like “The Clubhouse,” “Inside the Locker Room,” and “Coach’s Corner.” They also give uninspired, empty information. From this mentality–that fans ought to be interested primarily in whatever mass-produced quote a player gives or whatever scrap of anonymous gossip a reporter tweets–comes a vapid kind of tabloid reportage.

Others sites, especially blogs and sports talk radio stations, take perverse pride in their lack of access. They reject objective analysis as too brainy; insider information as too “establishment”; and discussion of sport’s place in society as somehow sacrilegious. They yell loudly, hoping to drown out calmer voices, and they rarely think an opinion even halfway to full bloom before spouting it.

We strive to be in the middle. We’re not the obnoxious rebels in the back of the class, and we’re not the teacher’s pets who linger to discuss sinusoidal waves after class every day. Out in the bleachers, you can’t see things clearly. On the field, you can’t see what’s going on in other towns, on other planes or in wider angles. But from the box seats, it’s all within view. Detail is not sacrificed at the altar of completeness.

We understand and appreciate sports. We even love them. But we see the big picture, and we place things into careful context. We strive to report in great depth on every issue we raise, but we do not feel an inexorable pull toward clubhouses and locker rooms. We want to have fun without being crass or crude, and we want to be informative without being boring. Statements of fact and statements of opinion will never be confused for one another here; nor will we ever pass along news as fact without delivering a source. We think the modern world of sports reportage is in sorry shape, and we want to rebuild it. We hope you’ll find our efforts worthwhile.


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